The number of cyber-attacks increase daily.  They are becoming more sophisticated, and experiencing a breach is not an if, but when.  How quickly can you detect, respond, and recover before the cost of repair and damage control puts you in the red? 

Learn how to mitigate that risk, develop procedures and policies in case of a breach and hear from security experts on best practices for employee training at the ICA CyberCon III.   Roll up your sleeves for this one!  Day one will include Crises Scenario roundtables where you and your tablemates will work through response plans for different types of attacks.  


Bring a guest:  Because cyber threats affect companies big and small we want to collaborate with our neighbors and introduce them to the companies we’re working with for cyber insurance solutions, crisis management, and employee training.  We encourage you to invite you your clients and community partners to attend the conference.   ICA members will receive a buy one get one (BOGO) 1/2 off your registration fee for the conference. 

For each registration you pay $199 for you will receive one registration at $99.  The promo code to share with your guests will be emailed to all ICA Member GMs.  

The conference agenda and speaker information will be available soon. 

Click here to register.  

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