Western Iowa Networks
Director of Operations

Breda Telephone Corp. d/b/a Western Iowa Networks is looking for a full-time Director of Operations for their Breda, IA operations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maximize the value of the Company by identifying means to strengthen the company through development and implementation of a both Strategic and Operational Plans that cover new technologies, products/services, operational support systems, and personnel structure.
  • Responsible for identifying and developing opportunities both internally and externally that would strengthen the company structurally and financially.
  • Assist with a feasibility analysis that would provide management relevant information that would facilitate the decision-making process and manage the implementation of the plan.
  • Responsible for all the inside and outside operations for the Company.
  • Maintain a forward-looking view of where technology is taking the telecommunications, customer transport networks, access equipment, and video operating environments.
  • Explore all broadband, video and wireless vehicles for delivering service.
  • Ensure changes in technology and the marketplace are incorporated to the benefit of the Company and customers.
  • Perform duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established Company policies to achieve the overall objectives of the position and the Company.
  • Maintain favorable working relationship with Company employees to promote a cooperative and harmonious working climate, which will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Develop and maintain excellent communication with the Board of Directors, supervisors, staff, industry representatives, and community.
  • Project a favorable image of the Company to support its aims and objectives and promote and enhance public recognition and acceptance of its areas of endeavor.
  • Review technical publications, articles, and abstracts; keep abreast of technical developments in the industry; assist in the planning of telco changes.


  • 5 to 10+ years of telecommunications experience
  • Prior management experience
  • Strong network and data background
  • Strong outside plant background
  • Strong commitment to customer service
  • Expertise in strategic planning
  • Strong understanding of telecommunications technologies
  • Project development and management experience
  • Proven track record of design, implementation, and maintenance of an inside and outside plant design
  • Excellent written/verbal communications and record keeping skills
  • Strong understanding of budgeting

Additional Information:

  • Company offers competitive wages and an attractive benefit package
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen required
  • Breda Telephone Corp. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)
  • Position Open Until Filled

Contact:          Diane Miller, HR Manager
Telephone:      (712) 673-2311
Fax:                 (712) 673-4281
E-mail:            dmiller@westianet.com