Iowa Communications Alliance annual Convergence TV conference is going virtual this year! The virtual conference will be held on September 2nd and open to all ICA members and non-members. The conference will be a one day 9am-5pm schedule (subject to change) and seeking your input and expertise on all matters relating to marketing of video services, streaming your own TV product, understanding commercial Over the Top providers and how the contrast with streaming own product, broadband television and video operations.

Use this opportunity to showcase your expertise, network with more than 100 attendees who offer video service to their customers in various forms or are looking to expand their video operations.

Please note, if you have an important topic or topics not listed below, we welcome them too. Please submit all proposals using the link provided below.

Our members are looking for training and education on the following topics:

  • Marketing video services topics could include:
    • Selling/differentiating TV: linear, streaming and commercial OTT providers
    • Packaging options, and suggested selling options for staff
    • Teaching customers about why reliable WiFi matters to them
  • Network Caching for video – pros and cons, items to consider
  • How will Adaptive Bit Rate impact operations and what should be considered?
  • Self-Installations – What has worked, what can work, and what should be done?
  • Streaming your TV lineup video panel discussion (how-to options, different from OTT how)
  • Transition from traditional cable to streaming your TV product – when should we look at this?
    • Can we get out of set top box business? (potentially save costs)
    • Replace boxes with streaming options? (What factors should be considered?)
    • How to best assist customers with their own TV watching devices?
  • Performance broadband testing impacts on video services
  • Supporting your communities and networks during COVID-19 
  • Any other current or relevant topics of interest for video/Streaming/OTT/IP 

Audience Expectations:  Our members want to receive current, practical solutions for their video operations. Your presentation should be informational and offer solutions, not a sales pitch. We may offer vendors the opportunity to have commercials during the event, please ask about those details, if you are interested. Presenters who fail to meet this expectation will not be invited to be presenters in the future.  

Promoting your Products and Services: We offer several opportunities to promote your products and services,  please see the sponsor benefit guide, or ask for details.

Proposals are due July 10, 2020

Click here to submit a proposal