2020 ICA Legislative Roundtables 

We invite all members, employees, and directors to attend one or more of our six Legislative Roundtable meetings being held via virtual video conference in late November and early December. 

We have scheduled the meetings based on a regional approach where each region will encourage member companies and legislators from that area to attend.  However, these are simply guidelines.  If the date of your regional meeting doesn’t work well for you, we encourage you to attend on the day that is most convenient. 

All meetings will begin at noon and end at 1pm.  Here is the schedule:

  • Monday, Nov. 23rd at noon – Central Iowa
  • Tuesday, Nov. 24th at noon – NE Iowa
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1st at noon – SW Iowa
  • Friday, Dec. 4th at noon -- NW Iowa
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8th at noon – SE Iowa
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9th at noon – Statewide

Click here for a map showing the roughly outlined regions

During the meetings, we will be discussing the “state of the state” on broadband deployment, focusing on the need for additional state funding for future-proof fiber-based networks targeted to unserved Iowans.  We will also compare and contrast different modes of delivering broadband and educate legislators on the variety of existing funding sources.  Most importantly, we will be asking members to give positive examples of how the broadband service YOU provide benefits local consumers, farmers, students, and businesses. 

With next week’s elections expected to elect 20 or 30 new legislators, this will be a great opportunity to introduce all legislators to ICA and our members! 

This is yet another “tool in the toolbox” Registration is open to all members and is FREE. 

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