2021 Annual Meeting & Expo

Iowa Communications Alliance is pleased to announce the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting & Expo held on March 29-31. It’s about time we discuss the advanced digital approach and application for accelerating broadband connectivity that enhances community development and supports local priorities. With a growing need to facilitate the expansion of broadband capacity and utilization, Iowa Communications Alliance is organizing the Annual Meeting to inform and engage General Managers, CEOs, Board of Directors, Marketing Personnel, Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives on the importance of integrating Broadband to reshape the community to drive prosperity.

Why Participate in this conference?

  • The virtual conference will educate and empower participants through numerous educational sessions that address future directions.
  • Iowa Communications Alliance wants participants to rise to the challenge as community builders who are determined to serve their community and customers.
  • Iowa Communications Alliance focuses on providing quality education and ample opportunity that enables stakeholders to identify the potential challenges in broadband development.

Join us to participate in lively discussions and intellectual debate anchored by highly informed, intelligent panelists

The future is now. To register as an attendee or exhibitor/sponsor click the links below. 

Conference Attendee Registration
Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration