2023 ICA Broadband Briefings

We invite all members, employees, and directors to attend one or more of our 2023 Broadband Briefing Legislative Roundtable meetings being held at various member locations and one online statewide meeting.  Please find your best dates and locations and RSVP below! 

During the meetings, we will be discussing all types of broadband-related topics and questions that legislators may ask.  We will be focusing on NOFA #8, what has worked well in prior broadband programs, and what improvements need to be made.  We will also compare and contrast different modes of delivering broadband and educate legislators on the variety of existing funding sources.  Most importantly, we will be asking members to give positive examples of how the broadband service YOU provide benefits local consumers, farmers, students, and businesses. 
This is a relatively informal, easy way to get to know your legislator as ICA and our advocacy team takes the lead on discussions.  Just show up and we’ll get the conversations rolling!  And please invite your key staff, your directors, and community leaders as well!   

  • Monday, October 9th 
    • Noon:  WiaTel, 202 Cedar Street, Lawton         
    • 4pm:  Northwest Communications, 844 Wood Street, Havelock
  • Tuesday, October 10th  
    • 9am: CL Tel, 107 North 4th Street, Clear Lake         
    • 1pm:  Huxley Communications, 400 S. Main Avenue, Huxley
  • Wednesday, October 11th 
    • Noon:  Western Iowa Networks, 1780 Kittyhawk Ave, Carroll
  • Thursday, October 12th
    • 5pm: Online/statewide
  • Monday, October 16th
    • Noon:  ICA headquarters, 4201 Westown Parkway, Suite 130, West Des Moines
  • Tuesday, October 17th
    • 9am:  Sharon Telephone, 100 Main Street, Hills  
    • 12:30 pm:  RTC Communications, 121 East Main, Readlyn
  • Wednesday, October 18th
    • 9am: La Motte Telephone, 400 Pine Street, La Motte 

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