Accounting Assistant

Hours:  8:00am - 4:30pm
Salary:  $24-$27 per hour
Job Description:

1. 35% Process Carrier Access Billing for the purpose of receiving revenue from other telecommunications companies for use on our network.  Tasks may include work with carriers on billing and collection; monitor usage of phone calls; reconcile CABS accounts receivable; enter tariff rate changes; issue amount owed and collect funds; comply with tariff regulations; report and review information submitted to NECA; and provide information necessary for data collections. Monitored by the Controller through direct observation and communication.
2. 30% Processes company payroll for the purpose of ensuring accurate payment to employees and compliance with State and Federal laws. Tasks may include verify time entry; update employee information; utilize payroll software to electronically generate payroll; process tax deposits and other payroll withholdings; administer payroll distribution process; generate quarterly and annual payroll reports as required by state and federal laws; generate monthly payroll reports for management; review work orders and collaborate with accountants to ensure accurate. Monitored by the Controller through direct observation and reports.
3.20% Performs miscellaneous accounting duties to ensure accurate reporting/information.  Tasks may include create and review accounts receivable invoices; answer vendor questions by researching accounts; post journal entries to general ledger; proof accounting reports; process routine, monthly payments; reconcile bank accounts and document business transactions.  Monitored by the Controller through direct observation and reports.
4.15% Process transactions related to membership capital credits for the purpose of meeting the needs of our members and cooperative. Tasks may include review and process requests for membership settlements, ownership changes and transfers; verify and update membership information; answer inquiries regarding memberships; process bad debt recovery from membership; and mail appropriate forms. Perform unclaimed property reporting which includes due diligence letters; reconcile amounts unclaimed and file unclaimed property reports with states. Monitored by the Controller via direct observation and reports.


Required:  High School Diploma or GED
Preferred:  Associates Degree in Accounting or related field

5 or more years of experience without an Associate or bachelor’s degree
0-1 years’ experience with a degree in Accounting

Demonstrative strict confidentiality
Decision making
Problem solving
Oral communication
Computer-Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software
Ability to type a minimum of 40wpm
Knowledge of spreadsheets and accounting software

To apply send resume to:  Kim Connor at [email protected]