General Manager
Dunkerton Communications

Key Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Day-to-day administration of all internal operations
  • Preparing budgets and work plans, monitoring adherence of the telco to approve budgets and work plans, evaluating new technologies and service offerings.
  •  Manage areas of telecommunications, IPTV, and Internet operations.
  •  Review compensation arrangements to ensure that settlements, pooling and access revenues are maintained and that regulatory changes affecting revenue requirements are maintained and that regulatory changes affecting revenue requirements are understood by appropriate staff.
  • Direct the activities of the Cooperative by scheduling and assigning work, determine the methods for doing work, checking the quality of work, handling any personnel issues, and monitoring workflow to ensure timely completion of activities.
  • Manage daily telecommunications operations of the Cooperative. Participating in policy development and interpreting and administering programs according to policies and procedures.
  • Prepare budgets and work plans used in implementation of the Board of Directors objectives. Monitor adherence to budget and work plans to ensure objectives are met.
  • Evaluate viability of new technology and service offerings for continued company development and expansion.
  • Review compensation arrangements to ensure that settlements, pooling, and access revenues are maintained and regulatory changes affecting revenue requirements are communicated to appropriate staff.
  • Responsible for management and oversite of all inside and outside staff.
  • Performing all other duties as assigned by the Cooperative Board of Directors.
Experience and Skill Requirements
  • Management or Supervisory experience
  • Telecommunications industry, operations, technology, & equipment knowledge
  • Knowledge of regulatory environment and the business impact of proposed and adopted regulatory changes.
  • Knowledge of company policy and procedures
  • Skill in operating various office equipment such as personal computer, various software programs, and telephone systems.
  • Knowledge of Accounting procedures

  • Oral and written communication

  • Read and understand financial reports, industry regulations, and proposed legislation

  • Attention to detail

  • Make accurate decisions using information at hand

  • Ability to create a team environment and sustain employee morale


Education Requirement

  • High School Diploma/GED or higher DOE 

Physical Demands:

  • Stand
  • Walk
  • Sit
  • Reaching outward
  • Reach above shoulder
  • Squat or Kneel
  • Type/Write
  • Bend
  • Lift/Carry up to 20lbs
  • Push/Pull 12lbs or less 

The above description reflects the general scope and nature of the work performed. This description is not intended to reflect every duty and responsibility of the position, but is intended to give a general outline of the position and its responsibilities. It is understood that the duties and responsibilities may change from time to time

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Dunkerton Communications
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Dunkerton IA 50626
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