Iowa Communicator - July 22, 2016

Iowa Communicator - July 22, 2016


This Week's Headlines:
IUB Chair Huser Discusses COLR w/ Alliance Regulatory Cmte

Broadband News:
CenturyLink Tests Usage-Based Broadband

IUB News & Filings:
IUB Releases 2015 Telephone Data
Kalona Seeks Expanded CLEC Certificate

Education & Events News:
Register Today for Envision
2017 Annual Meeting & Expo Call for Speakers
Impact 2016




Industry News:
Nom. for Communities to attend Rural Development Conf.
Alliance Regulatory Committee Discusses FCC Action

Member News:

MACC Billing and Technology Conference Set for September
Items Free to a New Home

Compliance News:
International Traffic Report due July 31st

Video Provider News:
Mandatory EAS Reg. by Aug 26th; EAS Test on Sept 28th


This Week's Headlines


IUB Chair Huser Discusses COLR with Alliance Regulatory Committee


IUB Board chair Geri Huser participated in yesterday’s ICA Regulatory Relations Committee meeting.  Though she was scheduled for 30 minutes, the far-reaching discussion of the “future of COLR obligations in Iowa” and “equitable application of rules” covered a variety of topics over nearly 90 minutes. 


Board Chair Huser stated that her intention in current and future rulemaking proceedings is to deregulate and simplify and reduce regulation as much as possible while still complying with the statute.  She stated that some LECs believe there are no options for entities to serve extremely expensive customers but that there is a waiver process if a LEC believes the cost of providing services is not equitable.  The Committee discussed how the line extension provisions formerly in the ITA Local Services Tariff and now in many service catalogs allow LECs to allocate high costs of deploying service lines to customers. 


The Committee discussed how the historical COLR obligation was tied to a benefit of rate regulation or guaranteed return.  It questioned whether any tangible benefits currently accrue with the state obligation to serve all customers.  Board Chair Huser questioned whether it is equitable to continue to require LECs to serve all customers. 


The Committee suggested that any change to COLR should not jeopardize state ETC designation, and it gave suggestions on simplifying procedures to allow a LEC to provide voice service to customers outside the exchange boundaries. 

Board Chair Huser also asked for Committee input on inequities that would be created if VoIP was deregulated.  She specifically asked for impacts on required filings and on customer relations and a long discussion produces a number of points in favor of applying any deregulation equally between TDM and VoIP providers.  The Committee advised Huser that the process of discontinuing service requires many filings and an extended procedure that should be simplified.  The Committee thanked Huser for the discussion and she requested additional opportunity for follow up discussion. 

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)

Broadband News    

CenturyLink Tests Usage-Based Broadband


According to an article in Multichannel News, CenturyLink plans to kick off a usage-based billing trial in Yakima, Wash., starting July 26, that will charge $50 for a bucket of 50 gigabytes per data when customers exceed their monthly limit. Service plans with speeds up to 7 Mbps can consume up to 300 GB per month, while those that have speeds of more than 7 Mbps will be capped at 600 GB before the usage-based policy is applied.  Other ISPs such as Comcast, AT&T and Mediacom have also experimented with or rolled out usage-based policies for residential broadband services.  Click here for more from Multichannel News. 

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)

IUB News and Filings

IUB Releases 2015 Telephone Data


The IUB has released compiled data from the 2015 Annual Telephone reports.  The report includes total access lines, Iowa local exchange gross operating revenues, Iowa intrastate interexchange revenues, and Dual Party Relay revenues. 

It shows that the 271 certificated local exchange carriers in Iowa totaled: 

·         $399 million in Local Exchange Gross Operating Revenues

·         $76.6 million in Iowa Intrastate Interexchange Revenues

·         1,095,658 access lines

The three largest providers of local exchange service in Iowa by access line counts are CenturyLink/Qwest with 438,000 ILEC and CLEC lines; Windstream with 150,201 access lines and Mediacom a close third with 149,712 access lines. 

Alliance members include 139 certificated carriers with about 195,185 ILEC access lines.  Click hereto see the report. 

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)


Kalona Seeks Expanded CLEC Certificate


Kalona Cooperative Telephone has filed a request with the IUB to expand its certificate’s service area to include the five Windstream exchanges of Washington, Riverside, Ainsworth, Williamsburg and West Chester.  Click here for more. 

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)

 Education & Events News    
   Registration is Open for the September 14th EnVision Conference    


Here’s a look at the opening session:
Thursday, September 15th  @ 8:35 AM

Video Trends Study By Innovative Systems
Presented by Jerry Weber of Innovative Systems

When it comes to TV viewing, consumers are increasingly living in the past, but not the distant past. This session will lay out the different time shift viewing options and how they can impact your business model.

Attendees Will Learn:

· The most current survey results on time shifted viewing

· The most popular Timed Shifted mediums being used  by consumers today

· A detailed look at how service providers across North America are offering Time Shifted video to their customers

· Tips on how to use Time Shifted video to reduce cord cutting

New this year:  Pre-Conference  User Group Meetings.

Join us on  Wednesday, September 14th  for updates and info on
Skitter TV & Innovative Systems Products. 

The user group meetings are included in your registration.

Click HERE for more session details and to  register today. 

Thank you to our Sponsors: 

  2017 Annual Meeting & Expo Call for Speakers    

The ICA Annual Meeting & Expo Committee is developing the content and agenda for the 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo:  Spring Training-Back to Basics that will be in Des Moines, Iowa on March 7-8, 2017.  Associate members of the Alliance are encouraged to offer training to the membership.  This is a unique opportunity to meet and network with the Iowa Communications Alliance members. 

Click here for suggested topics of interest identified by the speakers subcommittee for 2017.  We encourage you to submit additional topics as well. 

Click here to fill out the call for speakers submission form by August 3rd for committee review.    


Impact 2016


The 2016 ICA Impact Conference agenda is filling up with track training for technicians, marketing and customer service reps.  Some of the speakers and topics this year include:

· What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?:  Justin Huebner, Kiesling Associates

· Project Management:   Mark Mrla, Finely Engineering
Marketing Analytics & Creative Content:  Gabe Petersen, Calix

· HPBX– Laying the Marketing & CSR Groundwork:  Steve Fravel & Joann Horhman, Vantage Point Solutions

· Developing a Security Mindset:  Ryan Pieken, Oxen Technologies

· Selling the Benefits Not the Service—Doug Pals, ReSourceful Communications & Kim Robinson, D2D Cable

Stay tuned for the full conference agenda. 


Thursday’s Keynote Session: 

 Taking Care Of Our Clients Begins With Taking Care Of You

Brian Udermann

Ask the average person nowadays how they are doing and they will usually say “I’m just so busy!” Our work environments are often fast-paced and hectic, we are continually being asked to do more with less. Our home environments can, at times, be overwhelming as well with running children to numerous practices and events, to taking care of the yard or completing house related projects. When was the last time you really felt at peace or felt centered and full of joy? How are you at controlling stress in your life? Would you like to laugh more, eat healthier and sleep better? Would you like to have a better relationship with your partner, spouse, children or your friends? This presentation will explore a number of practical strategies you can use to regain a healthy balance in your life!


For more details and to register online click here. 

(Contact Jolene Davis with questions)

Industry News


Seeking Nominations for Communities to Attend Rural Development Conference


The Iowa Rural Development Council is coordinating a “Pathways to Prosperity” event in Jefferson, Iowa on November 18th.  The Council will invite 75 selected communities to attend this “hands-on” event that is designed to give emerging leaders the tools they need to spur their local communities into action and empower Iowans to use informed research, data, and all available resources to develop a comprehensive vision focused on Iowa communities. 

The “selection committee” is looking for communities in each of three categories according to their current community development efforts and capacity:  (1) strong; (2) a rising star; and (3) not yet strong/needs help.  Only those defined as USDA rural (<20,000 pop.) are eligible.  Each of the communities will be asked to send a three-person team to the Summit. 

Click here for more information from the nominations notice.  Alliance CEO Dave Duncan serves on the Council, so please submit your “community nominations” to Dave Duncan by Thursday of next week. 

(Contact Dave Duncan for more info)



Alliance Regulatory Committee Discusses FCC Action


In addition to meeting with IUB Board Chair Geri Huser yesterday, the Alliance Regulatory Committee discussed the potential impacts of several recent FCC Orders on Alliance members.  These include

1.    Broadband Customer Privacy NPRM.  The Committee noted the widespread opposition to the FCC’s plan to establish a regulatory regime for broadband ISPs (and not edge providers), and to significantly expand the scope of private information to be held confidential.  The Committee discussed potential impact on our companies.  Pietila reported that ultimately all LECs will need to draft and implement a broadband privacy policy, but that we will need more guidance from FCC before proceeding.

2. FCC Outage Reporting Requirement Rulemaking.  The Committee discussed the FCC’s Report and Order, and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemakingto amend the network outage reporting rules.  It noted that the FCC is seeking comment on proposed rules to extend outage-reporting rules to Broadband Internet Access Services (BIAS).  Committee members stated that most rural companies are too small to ever reach the reporting thresholds. 

3.   IP-Technology Transitions Order.  The Committee discussed the FCC’s new “IP Technology Transition” rules that purport to simplify the process for ILEC to discontinue legacy TDM-based switched access services if they show that an adequate replacement exists and that the alternative service meets a three-pronged test.  It also discussed the ruling that traditional voice providers are no longer dominant in the market for connecting local callers to toll networks, meaning that incumbent LECs will have streamlined treatment under the Commission’s Section 214 review processes and some reduction of their tariffing obligations.  The Committee agreed to continue monitoring developments, and it asked whether these rules will provide definitive guidance on whether the migration from copper to fiber amounts to a discontinuance of service.  

(Contact Dave Duncan for more info)

Member News    

MACC Billing and Technology Conference Set for September


The schedule is set for the 2016 Mid America Computer Corporation (MACC) Billing and Technology Conference (MBTC). MACC clients from across the country will have the opportunity to learn new skills related to our products and network with their telecom industry peers. Registration is available for those MACC clients who have not already done so.

The event will be held in Omaha, Nebraska
• Session One – September 7-9
• Session Two – September 12-14

• Follow this link for more information and registration:

Questions can be directed to MACC’s Creative Services Coordinator, Kristi Rounds, at 402-533-5184 or [email protected]

   Items Free to a Good Home    

The Alliance has been doing some housekeeping and we have items available to a new home! Please let Christine know if you have any interest in this vintage phone or if you would like to go through old photos!

Compliance News  

International Traffic Report due July 31st


All common carriers that provided interna­­tional telecommunications services in 2015 must file their International Telecommunications Traffic Report by July 31st.  This filing is required by section 43.62 (formerly Section 43.61) and includes the annual international traffic, revenue, and circuit reports.  Filings must be made via the Section 43.62 Online Filing System and the FCC Registration Number (FRN) and Filer 499 ID.  See the Section 43.62 Filing Manual for more details.

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)

Video Provider News     

Mandatory EAS Registration by August 26th; EAS Test on September 28th


The FCC has announced the next nationwide Emergency Alert System test will be September 28th.  October 5th has been designated as a secondary test date if necessary.  All cable and broadcast providers must participate and then submit their test results on the EAS Test Reporting System (ERTS). All companies must register in the ERTS by August 26th.  Click here for more information from an FCC public notice. 

(for more information, please contact Dave Duncan)


2016 Committee Volunteers –March Open Enrollment

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