2024 CyberCon
Save the Date 
May 15-16, 2024 
Sheraton Hotel, West Des Moines, IA


Call for Proposals for the 2024 CyberCon - Now Open

Iowa Communications Alliance is planning for the 2024 CyberCon, scheduled for May 15-16, 2024 at the West Des Moines Sheraton. We are seeking proposals for dynamic, impactful, and educational presentations that would be valuable to ICA members.

With hosting nearly 150 attendees including technicians, chief technology officers, General Managers, CEOs, and office staff this is a great opportunity to showcase your cybersecurity expertise.

We are seeking topics from different levels such as non-technical and technical sessions including deep dives for the advanced role. Some topics of particular interest include:

  • Cybersecurity planning and risk assessments as required for E-ACAM and BEAD
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0
  • Building Board of Directors support for a cybersecurity program
  • Cybersecurity supply chain risk management (C-SCRM)
  • Incident Response Plan development and maintenance
  • CISO/Virtual CISO - what is it and why is it an important role?
  • Future of AI and the cybersecurity implications
  • Generative AI and uses for telecom
  • AI threats and opportunities - point/counterpoint type presentation
  • Passkeys and secret management

Other topics that would be a good fit for the audience are also welcome. If you have a different topic to submit, don't hesitate to do so. The deadline for submissions is January 12, 2024.

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