About Us

The Iowa Communications Alliance represents more than 130 community-based telecommunications providers who offer broadband, telephone and digital television service to rural Iowans.
We believe that all Iowans should have access to affordable and robust broadband connections.
We provide leadership and advocacy in state and federal legislative and regulatory matters to promote an environment that allows our members the opportunity to succeed in serving their communities and customers.

We strive to achieve "better telecommunications through education" as we educate members, policymakers, legislators, customers and the media about the indispensable services our members provide to their communities, customers and the entire state of Iowa.

Certified Gig-Capable Providers
NTCA launched its Gig-Capable Provider certification program in 2015 to acknowledge the work of providers in NTCA’s membership capable of delivering gigabit broadband speeds and enabling innovation in rural communities across the United States.  To achieve certification, companies must show that gigabit technology is currently commercially available within 95% of one or more exchanges or census blocks, and that such service can be provided without new trenching or stringing new aerial facilities.
ICA Members who are Certified Gig-Capable Providers

AcenTek (Houston, MN)
Alpine Communications, L.C. (Elkader)
Cascade Communications Company (Cascade)
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative (Bloomfield)
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company (Clear Lake)
Colo Telephone Company (Colo)
Communications 1 Network, Inc. (Kanawha)
Cooperative Telephone Exchange (Stanhope)
Corn Belt Telephone Company (Wall Lake)
Cumberland Telephone Company (Cumberland)
Dumont Telephone Company (Dumont)
Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association (Ellsworth)
Farmer's Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company (Harlan)
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company (Moulton)
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Stanton)
Farmers Telephone Company (Essex)
F & B Communications, Inc. (Wheatland)
Griswold Communications (Griswold)
GRM Networks (Princeton, MO)
Hawkeye Telephone Company (Hawkeye)
Huxley Communications Cooperative (Huxley)
IAMO Telephone Company (Coin)
Kalona Cooperative Technology Company (Kalona)
Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone Association (Lehigh)
Liberty Communications (West Liberty)
Marne Elk Horn Telephone (Elk Horn)
Minburn Communications (Woodward)
MTC Technologies (Mediapolis)
OmniTel Communications (Nora Springs)
Panora Communications Cooperative (Panora)
Partner Communications Cooperative (Gilman)
Premier Communications (Sioux Center)
South Slope Cooperative Communications (North Liberty)
Stratford Mutual Telephone Company (Stratford)
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (Gowrie)
Western Iowa Networks (Breda)
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (Lake Mills)

NTCA Smart Rural Communities
Smart Rural Communities represents a network of communities powered by innovative community-based broadband providers building a brighter future for small town America. Smart Rural Communities, a program of NTCA, promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting innovative economic development, effective education, efficient energy distribution and use, state-of-the-art health care and other important issues for rural America.
ICA Member Smart Rural Communities
Alpine Communications, (Elkader)
Cascade Communications Company (Cascade)
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company (Clear Lake)
Dumont Telephone Company (Dumont)
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Stanton)
GRM Networks (Princeton, MO)
Kalona Cooperative Technology Co. (Kalona)
Liberty Communications (West Liberty)
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Co. (Elk Horn)
Premier Communications (Sioux Center)
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (Gowrie)
Wiatel-Western Iowa Telecom (Lawton)
NTCA Smart Rural Communities Showcase Award Recipients
The Smart Rural CommunitiesTM (SRC) Showcase Awards are annual awards presented to NTCA members to recognize their extraordinary achievements in promoting rural broadband networks and their broadband-enabled applications in rural communities. Telcos are awarded based on their ability to demonstrate the use of these technologies through innovative economic development, education, health care, government services, safety and security, and more efficient energy distribution and use.
Iowa Award Winners
GRM Networks, Princeton, MO - 2019
Kalona Cooperative Technology Company, Kalona - 2019
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company, Clear Lake – 2017
Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association, Gowrie – 2017
Liberty Communications, West Liberty – 2016
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative, Bloomfield – 2015
South Slope Cooperative Communications, North Liberty – 2015
Premier Communications, Sioux Center – 2014


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