Vision, Values and Goals

ICA firmly believes that rural communications is the tool and industry capable of growing and transforming agriculture, education, health care, communities, and economies in rural Iowa. To that end, the ICA serves as an advocate, catalyst, educator, and resource for Iowa's community-based communications providers as they empower residents, businesses and industry to thrive and succeed.


ICA is the champion for Iowa's community based communications providers. 

Core Values

The Iowa Communications Alliance believes in:

  • Inspiring Rural Communications Providers
  • Focusing on the Needs of Our Members
  • Building and Conveying Trust through Strategies, Policies & Best Practices
  • Positioning the Organization to be Proactive and Innovative
  • Leading the Discussion of Rural Communications in Iowa


Advocacy - ICA is shaping local, statewide, and national policy by elevating awareness, education and support of robust voice and data communications throughout rural Iowa. 

Relevant Education & Training - ICA is recognized as a leading provider of member focused education and information on timely, relevant and emerging communications topics and for its commitment to accommodate varying learning styles, educational levels and travel budgets. 

Financial Success & Fiduciary Oversight - ICA will ensure a positive financial future or the association.

Outreach - ICA is elevating the level of industry-related professional development and education among member organizations.