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Making Contributions To TelePAC -- It's Easy!

Why Should I Contribute?

TelePAC supports Iowa candidates and incumbents who appreciate the integral role that rural telecom companies serve in Iowa communities.

TelePAC supports legislators who listen. Legislators are better equipped to vote for fair and balanced policies when they understand the challenges faced by the communications industry.

TelePAC contributions send a clear message that the rural communications industry is committed to participating in the legislative process. To ensure a level playing field and healthy business environment, it is crucial to advocate for policy that empowers the rural telecom industry.

TelePAC contributions are often presented to legislators by Alliance members who provide service in their districts and this reinforces the strength of our grassroots network.

TelePAC depends on the participation and donations from Alliance members. Member contributions are essential to the efforts of TelePAC to elect legislators who will champion the rural telecom industry.

If you are interested in a presentation about the TelePAC please contact Dave Duncan or by phone at 515-867-2091.

How Much Should I Give?

TelePAC encourages contributions on all levels.  Some members contribute $5, while others contribute $500.  The most frequent contribution amount in 2019 was $100.  TelePAC understands that members have varying levels of income and financial responsibilities.  TelePAC encourages members to tailor contribution amounts to their budget and comfort level – no contribution is too small and all contributions are appreciated!  


Can I use a Company Check or Credit Card?

No. State law forbids corporate checks. Write a personal check or use an individual credit card.

Can I donate online?
Yes, you may donate online.  Click here to access the online donation form.

2020 TelePAC Year-End Report

Thank you to all the 2020 TelePAC Contributors!

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