Post-Session A Good Time To Support TelePAC

Making Contributions To TelePAC -- It's Easy!

Why Should I Contribute?

TelePAC supports candidates and incumbents who appreciate the integral role that rural telecom companies serve in their communities.

TelePAC supports legislators who listen. Legislators are better equipped to vote for fair and balanced policies when they understand the challenges faced by the communications industry.

TelePAC contributions send a clear message that the rural communications industry is committed to participating in the legislative process. To ensure a level playing field and healthy business environment, it is crucial to advocate for policy that empowers the rural telecom industry.

TelePAC contributions presented to legislators by Alliance members who provide service in their districts reinforces the strength of our grassroots network and helps the Alliance to maintain influence at the Capitol.

TelePAC depends on the participation and donations from Alliance members. Member contributions are essential to the efforts of TelePAC to elect legislators who will champion the rural telecom industry.

If you are interested in a presentation about the TelePAC please contact Caitlin Jarzen or by phone at 515-868-0333.

How Much Should I Give?

TelePAC encourages contributions on all levels.  Some members contribute $5, while others contribute $500.  The most frequent contribution amount in 2016 was $100.  Some people write one big check, while others set up a monthly payment through our online system, Square Up.  TelePAC understands that members have varying levels of income and financial responsibilities.  TelePAC encourages members to tailor contribution amounts to their budget and comfort level – no contribution is too small and all contributions are appreciated!  

Can I use a Company Check or Credit Card?

No. State law forbids corporate checks. Write a personal check or use an individual credit card.

Can I donate online?

Yes, you may donate online through

Our Square Store

Who Should Participate in Our PAC?

Any employee, board member, or member of ICA or Aureon can contribute to and participate in the PAC.

Who Decides Where the Money Goes?

The TelePAC Committee includes managers and employees from ICA and Aureon member companies who make the contribution decisions. The committee members meet regularly over the course of the year and more often as elections approach.

Which Candidates Receive TelePAC Support?

TelePAC is non-partisan and supports Republicans and Democrats who understand rural telcos. The TelePAC committee looks at the candidate's position on key telecommunications issues, the telco's relationship with a candidate in the home district, committee assignments and leadership positions.

What If I Already Support My Local Candidate?

We encourage our donors to personally support their local candidates and also support the TelePAC. It is important to build upon the relationship you have with your local legislator. It is equally important to support the TelePAC, which can direct funds to key legislators who may not have many independent telcos in their districts. The TelePAC can also direct some of its funds to your local legislator — all you need to do is call or send a note to the TelePAC Committee at:


4201 Westown Parkway, Suite 130
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Please let us know the name of the candidate, their political affiliation and reason for supporting this candidate.

Is My PAC Contribution Tax Deductible?

No. Contributions are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.

TelePAC Success

TelePAC campaign contributions made in 2016 yielded a 95% success rate and helped to elect 38 out of 40 candidates that the TelePAC Committee voted to support.  This level of success is a credit to TelePAC’s long history of stable fundraising and judicious political investments.  Rural telecom issues are not Republican or Democrat – that is why TelePAC contributes to candidates on both sides of the aisle.  Instead of following a party line, your contributions help TelePAC support legislators who understand the importance of the rural telecom companies in Iowa, listen to the challenges faced by the industry, and champion policies that facilitate local companies to continue providing excellent service and groundbreaking technology to Iowans.     The 2018 legislative session will likely entail a push for property tax reform – making TelePAC contributions particularly important at this juncture.  TelePAC efforts compliment the work that Alliance members do every day to gain credibility locally by serving communities and customers with the highest quality of service available.  There will be numerous fundraisers this summer and TelePAC contributions will send a clear message that the rural communications industry is committed to participating in the legislative process to achieve property tax parity.

Impressive Participation, Boards Contributing 100% in 2016

TelePAC saw a 30% increase from 2015 to 2016 of Boards of Directions with a 100% contribution rate!  This significant increase demonstrates that Alliance members understand the important role that the TelePAC plays to advocate for policy that empowers the rural telecom industry.

TelePAC depends on the participation and donations from Alliance members.  The TelePAC Committee is very appreciative for every contribution – regardless of size.  Every dollar that is contributed adds up and enables TelePAC to elect legislators who will champion the rural telecom industry.



Cascade Communications Co.



Dumont Telephone Company


Heart of Iowa Communications

Huxley Communications

Lone Rock Telephone

Lost Nation Elwood Telephone Co.

Minburn Communications

MTC Technologies

Northwest Communications

OmniTel Communications

Oran Mutual Telephone

Oran Mutual Telephone

Premier Communications

Templeton Telephone Company

Van Buren Telephone Company

Western Iowa Networks

Winnebago Coop. Telephone Assn.



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