Board & Staff

2020-2021 Iowa Communications Alliance Board of Directors


President: Levi Bappe
Huxley Communications

Tim Fencl 
Danville Telecom

Jan Muhl
Lost Nation - Elwood
Telephone Company


Vice President: Jeff Roiland
Western Iowa Networks

Jared Johnson
Goldfield Telecom
Mark Peterson
WTC Communications

Second Vice President:
Marcie Boerner
Webster-Calhoun Coop.
Telephone Association 

Tom Lovell
Clear Lake Ind.
Telephone Company

Mark Thoma
Winnebago Cooperative
Telecom Association


Immediate Past President,
ex officio:
Ryan Boone
Premier Communications

Kyle Manders
Bernard Telephone
& Communications

Tammy Wheeler
Farmers Mutual


Alliance Staff

Dave Duncan
(515) 867-2091

Brittany Bonnicksen
Director of Events
and Marketing
(515) 868-0332

 Melissa Primus
Director of Membership
and Operations

(515) 868-0333


Alliance Legal and Legislative Counsel

 Mike St.Clair Katie Hall
John Pietila
Legal Counsel
Davis Brown Law Firm
(515) 246-7871
Mike St. Clair
Legislative Team
Capitol Edge
(515) 778-7631
Katie Hall
Legislative Team
Iowa Institute for Coops 
(515) 686-1066