Member Resources

The Iowa Communications Alliance boasts an impressive tradition of service, dating back to 1896. Today, The Iowa Communications Alliance continues its great service to the communities of Iowa.

Membership with the Iowa Communications Alliance has some pretty big perks. Our number one core value states that we are member-focused, and we take this value very seriously. Whenever we consider a new program, fresh perspective, or different way of approaching a situation, our first question is, “What would our members think of this?” With that said, here are just some of the many exclusives that our members receive:

  • Membership Priority — We turn to our members first whenever there is a new program, speaking opportunity, education opportunity, and many more.
  • The Iowa Communicator — A weekly publication that covers anything and everything important to the telecommunications industry. This newsletter is your weekly boost of knowledge to stay informed on the latest events, legislation, national and local news and technology on the horizon. Don’t miss a beat when you have this sent directly to your inbox!
  • Member Alerts and Special Reports — We are here to make sure you are the first to know any pertinent information. These alerts keep you in the know the minute the Alliance hears of anything that may affect you and your business.
  • Strategic Guidance — Educational events, webcasts and news alerts give you a leg up against the competition. We are looking 10 steps ahead and giving you the latest and greatest in our industry.
  • Consultation
  • Access Tariffs/Model Service Agreements and Catalogs
  • Scholarship Program — We believe it is important to keep our youth well educated and excited about our industry. We provide three different scholarships to keep our industry fresh and growing.
  • Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities


Iowa Communications Alliance Antitrust Compliance Program