Thank you to everyone who attended the 6th Annual Golf & Grill Classic on June 17-18th at Lake Panorama National Golf Course. Below you will find listings of the low score and pin prize winners and group photos. 
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Monday, June 17th 
Low Score 59: Corn Belt Telephone Group - Lee Wuebker, Dean Stock, Jay Brown, Bill Brotherton, Rod Drost 
#1 Closest to the Line: Kent Atha, Aureon
#9 Closest to the Pin in Two: Tom Lovell, CL Tel
#17 Closest to the Squiggly Line: Shelly Franzenburg, FCTC

Tuesday, June 18th 
Low Score 59: John Shimota, Eagle Marketing | Phil Robinson, WiaTel | Paul Smith, Power & Tel| Ben Kolbe, Eagle Marketing | Nate Hochmuth, Power Product Services | Mike Ludwig, Western Iowa Networks 
#1 Closest to the Line: David Byers, Northeast Iowa Telephone 
#9 Closest to the Pin in Two: Chase Oakley, Murphy Communications
#17 Closest to the Squiggly Line: Ryan Boone, Premier Communications

Thank You 2019 Golf & Grill Classic Sponsors