Using VIDEO to connect with your customers in a digital world

Using VIDEO to connect with your customers in a digital world

Seth Thompson, Imperium Data


It’s no secret that today more than anytime in history, connections that we’re once only possible face to face are happening digitally.  Relationships with customers are not immune to this.  So how can you as an organization evolve to make those digital connections and interactions with your customers more personal?

By leveraging the power of video.  Video is a GREAT tool to associate a face, voice, mannerisms, and personality with your organization when interacting digitally with your customers.  Here are three quick examples of how your company could use video to interact with your customers.

  • FAQs – Write down the top 5-10 questions or tech issues you get from customers.  Record one of your employees answering each question in a separate video.  House them on your website, share them on your social media pages (wherever your customers are), and package them in emails for your customer service team to use when interacting with customers.
  • Announcements – Rolling out a new product, breaking into a new service area, or have a big achievement you want to share?  Do not settle for a press release or picture.  Record an employee making the announcement on video and share it to your social media pages and send it to your customers via email.
  • Employee bio vids – A simple, but effective way to personalize your digital communication.  Record a 30-60 second video of each employee introducing themselves, their role at your organization, and personal item or two about themselves.  House each video on your website, YouTube page, release them slowly on your social media pages in “Employee Spotlight” posts, and if you’re really ambitious include them in their email signatures.

These videos don’t need to be overproduced and you don’t need an expensive marketing firm to do this for you.  A $13 tripod from Amazon and your iPhone or other mobile device has all the technology you need.

You’ll find that your customers will appreciate being able to put faces on your organization, not just a website or voice on the phone.  You may also see your customer service and support team freed up from some of the manual tasks or troubleshooting calls that can now be demonstrated with a quick 1-2 minute video.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on how our organization has embraced video and the impact it’s had with both suppliers and customers.


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