Iowa Communications Alliance Leadership Academy


2020-2021 Leadership Academy on Hold

After much consideration and many conversations, ICA has made the difficult decision to not host a Leadership Academy this year.  This was a particularly difficult decision in light of just launching the program last year, receiving such positive feedback from last year’s participants, and knowing that there is continued interest in the program.  However, we feel it is the right decision at this point, given the information we have.
Because of COVID-19, we were running into many hurdles that, in the end, were not going to allow us to offer the high-quality programming that we are committed to offering our members.   These things included:

  • not being able to secure key outside speakers for in-person presentations
  • having to make significant changes to content delivery, such as eliminating many of the hands-on and small group learning opportunities, that we felt would negatively impact the course
  • making significant changes to the networking elements, such as the group meals in restaurants
  • uncertainty of being able to secure group onsite volunteer opportunities
  • maintaining social distancing recommendations and ensuring the health and safety of all participants

The elements that would be most impacted in order to comply with safety guidelines and policies are the elements that were most meaningful to last year’s participants.  
The ICA Board of Directors, Leadership Academy Task Force, and ICA staff ultimately decided that we did not want to move forward knowing that in the current environment we would be offering less than the best opportunity for participants. 



Congratulations to the Inaugural ICA Leadership Academy Class

The following individuals who have successfully completed the 2019-2020 ICA Leadership Academy.

  • Devan Amdor, Cumberland Telephone Company
  • Mike Baker, Danville Telecom
  • Jamie Daubendiek, Jefferson Telecom
  • Chris Dodd, Evertek, Inc.
  • Rachel Hamilton, Marne Elk Horn
  • Ryan Joynt, Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association
  • Chris Lovell, CL Tel
  • Lee Mellema, Premier Communications
  • Kristine Mohning, WesTel Systems
  • Erin Petersen, Palo Cooperative Telephone Association
  • Jillinda Thornton, IAMO Telephone Company
  • Johnathon Tuvera, Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative