Updated ICA Model Services Catalog Webcast 

Thursday, November 12th at 2PM. 

Throughout this year, a large number of ICA members participated in various working groups to update the 2018 version of the 64-page ICA Model Service Catalog.  

Our team has finalized its work to simplify all terms and conditions, continue to account for Iowa’s deregulation efforts, and reorganize it in a more logical, condensed, 33-page Model Service Catalog for members to use and adapt for your particular operations.  

Click here for the new version of the ICA Model Services Catalog for you to review and use. 

This was a “heavy lift” to accomplish, and we hope you will find it useful.  To help explain the changes and answer any questions you may have, the ICA Regulatory Relations Committee will conduct a webcast for members Thursday, November 12th at 2pm.  The webcast will be led by Team Leaders Roger Kregel, Jerry Melick, John Pietila and Dave Duncan -- This webcast is free to ICA members. 

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