Thank you for attending the 2019 Impact Conference. Below you will find available presentations and event photos!

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Available Presentations: 
- Sarah Noll Wilson: Becoming a Powerful Partner
- Carissa Swenson, Consortia Consulting: 10 Things to Know About Your Customers
- Jayne Ringham, WTCA & Brian Weis, Innovative Systems: Culture - The Backbone of Your Company
- Daniel McCraine: What's That S'posed to Mean? 
- Ken Barr Jr.: Let's Talk About... Communication 
- Austin Scott, Fusebox Marketing: Growing Your Business Through Facebook and Instagram 
- Michael McCalpin, Calix: The FCC CAF Test Order is Coming. Are You Ready? 
- Shelly Netland & Jenna Monse, Cooperative Network Services: What Your Manager Really Wants From You 

Please contact the following presenters for more information on their presentation: 
- Greg Luhman, Adtran: Gigabit and Beyond 
- Jason Huffey, Aureon: Getting Cloud Oriented 
- Grant Holmseth, Cronin Communication: Consumer Electronics & the Connected Home 


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