2022 CX Summit (f/k/a Impact Conference)
November 2-3, 2022 
Hilton Garden Inn, West Des Moines, IA

The CX Summit has been rebranded from the formally known event of the Impact Conference. We live in a world today where customer experience (CX), expectation, and satisfaction are higher than ever. This event is created to equip attendees with best practices and thought leadership on how to move forward in our ever-demanding world successfully.  Sessions will tackle how to bring your community the best possible service to better their subscriber experience. You’ll learn how to improve customer satisfaction, marketing tactics, CX trends, and networking opportunities with peers.

Who should attend the CX Summit? Customer service professionals, marketing, executives, general managers, technicians, and leaders who are interested in how to better the customer experience of your organization.

Below you will find a general topic listing for the types of sessions the committee is interested in seeing at CX Summit. We encourage you to submit another topic of interest, not listed below, that aligns with customer experience. Please submit your speaker proposal no later than July 22nd at Noon.   

General Session Topics:

  • Service automation – service provision internally, and ways in which you’re working with customers externally.
  • Different ways you connect to customers (Chat box, texting, etc.)
  • Marketing cloud solutions
  • How to educate customers on managed wi-fi solutions
  • Ways to be able to diversify your offerings as a company resulting in happier customers
  • Best practices and examples on channeling your customers’ expectations?

Breakout Session Topics Needed: 

  • Hiring practice changes with cross-functional training and positions to allow for a great customer experience (i.e. CSRs that are also sales focused, techs that are also sales focused).
  • Incentive programs for upselling from both CSR and Technicians.
  • Improving your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Best practices and tips for gaining customer feedback via surveys or other avenues
  • Best practices for techs for the CX experience (in-home installs or upselling)
  • Educating the customer on cybersecurity and fraudsters
  • Ways to use digital CX and AI automation
  • Supporting remote workers to provide an exceptional CX
  • Importance of volunteering in your community to assist with brand awareness
  • Tips on connecting with the customer in a disconnected world

Other topics are welcome that would be a fit for the audience.  If you have a different topic to submit, don’t hesitate to do so.   Please fill out the call for speakers on the ICA website by July 22nd at Noon. If you have questions, please contact ICA at 515-867-2091. 

Submit Proposal Here